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Summertime Catfishing on Lake Martin

Deborah Duck

            Summertime Catfishing trips on Lake Martin are among some of my fondest memories.  Being successful at fishing and consistently catching fish requires experience and dedication.  There is no substitute for time on the water trying different methods, finding out what works in any given area at a given time.  To help you out a little, I would like to share a few tips of how we load our boat with catfish this time of the year. 

            It is fun to go Catfishing with a rod and reel.  There is nothing that will get your blood pumping like tangling with a good Catfish on a rod and reel and landing it.  Ask Tyler, Larry and Diane Collins' grandson about that.  He landed about a 9 pounder this week, and he has some major bragging rights on that one!

            Another fun way to Catfish is trotlining.  Running trotlines is a great way to catch a lot of nice Catfish in a short period of time.  I know, I know . . . I make it sound so easy.  Sorry, there is work involved.  It takes quite a bit of preparation, but it is sure worth the trouble.  When I was growing up, the preparation was almost as much fun as setting the line out and fishing it.  It was a family affair. Momma would make popcorn, and we would have Amos and Andy on the television while we sat around and tied hooks, lining them up on the back of ladder back chairs.  There was a lot of laughing and planning as we got everything together for the weekend fishing trip. Those were the days!

            But my favorite way for Catfishing then and now is "Jug Fishing".  This kind of fishing is fun, simple, and pretty easy to do.  The real advantage to jug fishing is that you can spread your fishing jugs out over a large area and easily move them around or pull them in.  Jug fishing is a great way to get kids interested in fishing because it is non-stop action and there is always something to do.  If you don't have readily have jugs available, a child's noodle float cut into several sections works real well.

            During late July and August, there is just no way to miss.  Head on up (or down, whatever the case may be) to the Chimney Rock area, looking for drop-offs just out from the bank.  Actually there are several places up and down the River Run all the way from Alexander City down to Chimney Rock next to the bank that offer the same kind of opportunity to catch some good Catfish. 

            What kind of bait?  Whether rod and reel fishing, trotlining, or jug fishing, there are a number of good baits to use.  Live bait seems to work better for Catfishing with all working equally well . . . from Glo Worms, Wigglers, Black Salties, and Goldfish to Shiners.  Take a couple of different kinds out with you, and get to it!  You’ll have an amazing time and bring back plenty of Catfish and some stories to tell. 

            You can contact me by email at with your latest best fishing story or any hints you would like to pass along.  I would also love to get photos of your biggest catches.  Together we'll fish Lake Martin bringing in those big catches and telling even bigger stories!  Good Fishing!  ><> 

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