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July Fishing Report for Lake Martin

Kowaliga Live Bait and Tackle
Posted: 7/21/2008

Deborah Duck

          I have had reports of some good Crappie catches this past week, mostly night fishing on small Crappie shiners, gold Tuffies, and jigs.  Jordan Deer Hair jigs produced the biggest fish, black being the best color at night.  Two different groups were out fishing on two different nights and all caught the limit of keepers.  I had a report of 3 lb. crappie caught this week.  That makes me want to go fishing!

           I have also had reports on bass fishing this week from anglers catching a few Bass working the sandy banks shallow early in the mornings until about ten or eleven.  There are also some Bass and Catfish being caught late in the day and at night. The wild life has not been moving much except very early and then they get very quiet.  That tells me that the fish are the same, not very active up into the day.

            Live bait is doing well for most fishermen.   When in doubt you can't beat good ole' wigglers for general fishing.  I had a report from a couple of guys filling the boat up with Catfish and Bass using wigglers.  These anglers put in at Kowaliga Bridge and fished off an island primarily on the bottom.  A favorite in these parts is the Chartreuse Night Crawler.  This bait comes from Canada and really does not survive very well in this heat.   As the weather gets hotter, a great alternative for the Chartreuse Night Crawler is the Big Red Worm with the Glo!  They are hearty, lively, and bigger than a wiggler.  Ask for Glo Worms at your local bait shop. 
             I had an old timer tell once that May through August are the peak fishing months. He prefers night fishing, of course.  He said the time of the year when the morning water temperatures reach 60 degrees on the way up in the spring until it drops below 60 in the early fall produces some really great catches.  According to him, the warmer the water, the hungrier the fish!  Makes sense to me, because this fellow never came back from a fishing trip empty handed!   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . It seems to me that fishing, like life, looks a whole lot more appealing with a positive outlook!
             You can contact me by email at with your latest best fishing story or any hints you would like to pass along.  I would also love to get photos of your biggest catches.  Together we'll fish Lake Martin bringing in those big catches and telling even bigger stories!  Good Fishing!  ><> 


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